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Kingdoms of Brittany by David Nash Ford is a website dedicated to the Early Celtic Kingdoms of Brittany.
Fairy tales and legends of Brittany offers tales about Ys, Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table, and Marion of Faouët, Bandit Leader.


Britannia by James Grout is a selective history from Caesar's invasion to the Norman invasion.
Britannia Roman Sites by Peter Green covers the history of the Roman army in Britain.
British Mythology discusses the Mabinogion.
Celtic Mythology is a large collection of links.
Cfarwydd (the storyteller) by Dave_D features stories and tales of Welsh Kings, bards and dragons.
Changeling Legends from the British Isles by D. L. Ashliman offers extracts from folklore works about fairy changelings in the British Isles.
Dark Age Cumbria by Mark King covers the history of North-Western Britain during the period 400 - 1000, emphasizing the legend of King Dunmail.
Early British Kingdoms by David Nash Ford is a website dedicated to the Early Celtic Kingdoms of the British Isles and the historical King Arthur.
Early Medieval Resources for Britain, Ireland, and Brittany by Michelle Ziegler
Gazetteer of Sub-Roman Britain (AD 400-600) by Dr. Christopher A. Snyder (part of the Internet Archaeology site) provides a hard scientific look at many of the legendary sites of Britain.
Hanes Cymru is a collection of medieval Welsh historical resources by Jeff Hanes (sadly, not  all are translated).
Heroic Age is a peer reviewed online journal of early medieval northwestern Europe
Issue 1: Early Arthurian Tradition: Text and Context (Spring/Summer 1999) 
Issue 2: Arthur, Vortigern, Northumbria, Rhydderch Hael. (Autumn 1999)
Issue 3: Anglo-Saxon Attitudes (Summer 2000)
Issue 4: Anglo-Celtic Relations in the Early Middle Ages (Winter 2001)
Kingdoms of Wales by David Nash Ford is a website dedicated to the Early Celtic Kingdoms of Wales.
Legends of Longdendale - Derbyshire's Haunted Valley, has folk tales from this quiet corner of England.
Lugodoc's Guide to Celtic Mythology reduces the entire canon of Celtic myth into bite-sized chunks.
Megalithic Mysteries is a photographic guide by Andy Burnham featuring a wonderful Megalith Map (though the sites are sparsely completed).
Puck -- Information about that shrewd and knavish sprite called Robin Goodfellow contains a wealth of information on this character.
TaffNet - Y Mabinogion is a site containing summaries, commentaries, and the complete texts of the Mabinogion.


Cornish Folklore by Bill Rowe offers many Cornish folk tales.   Includes FæriesGiantsLegends, Superstitions, Pirates, and Places.
Legends & Myth in Cornwall is provided by Cornish ConneXions.


Angelcynn - Anglo-Saxon Living History 400 - 900 AD is devoted to all manner of details that comprise the clothing, weaponry, artifacts and most importantly, the culture of this distant age.
Adventures of Beowulf - an adaptation from the Old English version by Dr. David Breeden.
Beowulf (text, Harvard Classics edition of 1910)
Beowulf Bibliography 1979-1994
Beowulf Resources - bibliography, manuscripts, etc.
Beowulf- the last moments
Electronic Beowulf
Electronic Beowulf Project at the British Library.
Grendel's Mother's Attack
Hereward the Wake, excerpts translated from the twelfth-century Gesta Herewardi, celebrating the resistance of the "native" Saxons and Danes of Lincolnshire to the Norman Conquest.
Herne The Hunter tells the legend of this character.  Part of the Mystical WWW site.
Robin Hood
A Little Tale of Robin Hood (The Litell Geste of Robyn Hode) is a translation of the original tale of Robin Hood, by Graham McLennan with some interesting supplementary notes.
Amy's Robin Hood Page by Amy Munno, has a good assortment of historic and legendary material.
Britannia's Robin Hood Index is an excellent starting point for Robin Hood research.
Home of Robin Hood is a guide to North Nottinghamshire which includes information on Robin Hood.
J Dewbre's Robin Hood Ballad Library by Jonathan Owen Dewbre is a good collection of ballads.
Robin Hood is a well designed site maintained by Ben Turner, collecting the works of many contributors.
Robin Hood Booklist by Cindy Tittle Moore offers a reading list for the Robin Hood legend.
The Robin Hood Project at the University of Rochester consists mainly of reference lists (bibliography, artists, authors, etc.)
Robin Hood - Bold Outlaw of Barnsdale and Sherwood by Allen W. Wright is a high quality site offering extensive historical and legendary information on England's favorite outlaw and his Merry Men.
The Robin Hood Text Archive contains original stories in old English.
Robin Hood: The Early Poems, selected academic studies by Professor Thomas H. Ohlgren of Purdue.
St. George of England by Jeremy Boot discusses the legend of Saint George and the Dragon.


A to Z of Ancient Ireland , based on the book, 'Ancient Ireland -The Users' Guide' by Conan Kennedy, offers a concise encyclopedia of the folklore and mythology of the Irish.
Animal Symbolism in Celtic Mythology offers an essay by Lars Noodén which discusses the role of animals in Celtic and Welsh mythology. Includes a bibliography.
Anna's Wee Bit Of Ireland Page by Anna Kasper discusses Irish history, traditions, and folklore.
Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland by the Four Masters [Annála Ríoghachta Éireann], Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6, is part of the CELT site.
Archaeology, Myth, and Magic by Nicola Avery offers a look at the history of religion in the British Isles from Paleolithic times to the present, primarily from a neo-pagan point of view.
Black Irish is an essay about the legendary descendants of shipwrecked sailors who survived the Spanish Armada. (new location)
Celtic Corner
Celtic Folklore (Belinus Press) is home an extensive collection of e-texts.
Celtic Folklore: People of the Mounds by L. MacDonald appeared in Dalriada Magazine in 1993. Discusses the Sidhe (fairies).
Celtic Heart offers a Celtic encyclopedia, heroes, myths, manuscripts, art, and more.
Celtic Heritage by Dandalf offers links to sites about Celtic culture, mythology, and religion.
Encyclopaedia of the Celts by Knud Mariboe
Folklore of Ireland by Adam Dawson offers information on the history of Irish folklore as well as some popular stories from Irish folklore, including the love story of Diarmaid and Grainne, and the story of Tir nan Og.
Ireland History in Maps
Irish Journey - The Emerald Isle offers some folklore and legends interspersed in the travelogue. Includes items about Saint Brendan's voyage, the Tuatha De Danann, and more.
Irish Literature, Mythology, Folklore, and Drama by Anniina Jokinen is an extensive links site.
Irish Studies Pages-Literature & Verse, by Conrad Bladey contains an assortment of myths and legends plus curses, proverbs, Triads, and more.
Jim Fitzpatrick is a Celtic artist and writer whose site contains artistic and mythic content.
Legendary Tours Stories and Places of Irish Myth and Legend by Richard Marsh.
The Milesian Legends is a collection of old tales, including The Lebor Gabala Erren the "Book of Invasions".
Mythology at Paddynet discusses the Tuatha de Danann and Aonghus.
Old Ireland describes the legendary history of Ireland.
On Bards, And Bardic Circles by Joe Bethancourt discusses the role of bards in Celtic culture.
Paddynet's Island discusses Irish mythology and folklore.
Proverbs of Ireland
PWTANSUDE's Celtic Home Page offers Celtic deities, a short glossary of figures in Celtic mythology, and links to related sites.
Scottish Legends, Folklore, and Religion offers legends and fairytales, an essay on Celtic beliefs by S. McSkimming, information on festivals and celebrations such as Beltaine, and more.
Skyelander's Scottish & Medieval History  features original articles on Scottish History, Medieval History, Celtic History, Scottish Battles and Wars of England and Scotland.
Story of MacDatho's Pig is the story of a dispute over precedence at a feast.
Tir nan Og covers Irish history, myth and culture.
Trecheng Breth Féne - The Triads of Ireland was originally published by Kuno Meyer in 1906.
The Ulster Cycle by Patrick Brown, includes a fabulous collection of tales covering Early Ulster, Cú Chulainn, Connacht, The Cattle Raid of Cooley, and the Fall of Ulster.


Isle of Man includes Manx Heritage, history, proverbs, customs and folklore.
Isle of Man - Folklore and Traditions offers the story of the Black Dog of Peel Castle and a few other tidbits.
Keightley's The Fairy Mythology - MAN is just a brief note from that reference.
A Manx Note Book by Frances Coakley covers matters past and present on the Isle of Man including portions of A History of the Isle of Man.


Ancient Scotland is a photo archeology site.
Angus McDougal is a story about a Scot piper.
Catriona Fraser: The Photographs provides photos of Castles &   Pictish Stones with accompanying histories.
Celtic Trails offers guided tours in Scotland relating to its very early history including ancient standing stones, hill forts, Arthur, Merlin and the Druids.
Dalriada Celtic Heritage Trust Archives is a collection of Folk Tales, Mythology, Sidhe Lore and more.
Dark Isle - Castles, Cairns, and Celtic Music is a photo scrapbook of ancient Scotland.
Legend of Nessie provides facts, pictures, and a history of sightings of the Loch Ness Monster.
Pictish Nation covers the Picts' history and culture, including sections on the Pictish Kings, Ancient Names of Scotland, and more.
The Picts the Cruithne of Caledonia, covering the myth of Pictland's foundation, an exploration of the name "Pict," and a quick run-down of the problems the Romans had with them.
Scottish myths is a Gopher site providing information on Scottish folktales, mythical deities, and mythological cycles.
Traditions and Folklore by Don Richey discusses the Loch Ness Monster, the legend of the White Cross Banner, the tale of Greyfriar's Bobby, and Scottish folk dancing.



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