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Ancient & Medieval History sites, especially those related to legendary figures or events.
Map and Genealogy links are collected at the bottom.

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bulletAbzu: Guide to Resources for the Study of the Ancient Near East Available on the Internet edited by Charles E. Jones (Oriental Institute), Abzu is an extensive index of resources on the pre-Islamic civilizations of Western Asia and Egypt.
bulletAfghan History offers a Chronology of Afghan History, the Medieval Jewish community, Great Afghan Thinkers, and more modern political materials.
bulletAlchemy Virtual Library
bulletAlexandrian Scholarship by Ellen Brundige which includes the Decline of the Library of Alexandria.
bulletAlmanach de la Cour is a compendium of articles connected with Orders of Chivalry, European Royal Houses, and the European Nobility.
bulletAncient Greek World provides an overview of ancient Greek history and culture, from the Mycenaean to the Hellenistic periods.
bulletAncient Sites is a beautiful online community site with 3D games, quizzes and virtual walking tours of Rome, Athens and Egypt.  History as recreation!
bulletAncient World Web is a massive database of relevant sites organized with The Geography Index, The Subject Index, and The Meta Index (master alphabetical index).
bulletARGOS (or MicroArgos) is a limited area search engine for the ancient and medieval internet.
bulletBrief chronology of Islam
bulletBritannia British History - is a massive site that contains a timeline, historical documents, mini-sites on King Arthur, Scotland, and Wales, and much more.
bulletBritish Museum
bulletBUBL Information Service, Andersonian Library, Strathclyde UniversityIs a good links site including . . . Anthropology, Archaeology, Folklore, Genealogy, History.
bulletCANTUS is a database for Gregorian chant.
bulletCasebook: Jack the Ripper is an excellent site about the nineteenth century's most infamous serial killer.
bulletCastles of Wales provides information on over 400 different Welsh castles, as well as profiles of the men responsible for their construction, and the turbulent times in which they lived.
bulletCatholic Encyclopedia is a magnificant site with over 7000 articles including Charlemagne, Joseph of Arimathea, Kabbala, and Literary or Profane Legends (Arthur, Tannhauser, Faust, and more).
bulletClassics and Mediterranean Archaeology
bulletClassics Ireland is the journal of the Classical Association of Ireland covering (mostly) classical Greece & Rome.
bulletCrime Library has casebooks on many of the most interesting criminals of the past century.
bulletDe Imperatoribus Romanis is an online encyclopedia of the rulers of Rome and Antique and Medieval Atlas.
bulletEcole Initiative a hypertext encyclopedia of early church history.
bulletEarly British Kingdoms by David Nash Ford is a website dedicated to the Early Celtic Kingdoms of the British Isles (like the Kingdoms of Wales) and the  historical King Arthur.
bulletEncyclopaedia of the Orient has hundreds of entries covering all kinds of subjects for 22 countries in North Africa and the Middle East.
bulletEngland Mega-Links Cultural Page
bulletEuroDocs - Western European Primary Historical Documents
bulletGreat Battles of History
bulletGypsyKnight's Renaissance Page
bulletHistory, Historians, and Historiography by Scheherazade {Sheila Brynjulfson} has translations of De Excidio Brittaniae et Conquestu (Gildas) and Historia Brittonum (Nennius) plus discussions of Geoffrey of Monmouth, the Historical Arthur and a   Historiography of early Britain.
bulletHistory Net - Where History Lives on the Web is a high quality American history site.
bulletHistory of Egypt, part of the Tour Egypt site, has a wealth of very substantial articles.
bulletHypatia of Alexandria - Mathematician, Scientist, and Philosopher
bulletIndo-European Paleopaganism and its Clergy
bulletIreland History in Maps
bulletJeanne La pucelle and the Dying God
bulletKhazaria Info Center
bulletKings & Queens of Europe
bulletLabyrinth (Medieval Studies) Georgetown University's medieval link site, by Martin Irvine and former Deborah Everhart.
bulletLegendary-Historical Figures in Japan (offline 11/24/98)
bulletLuminarium is an anthology of English literature.
bulletMediaeval Sword is a nifty site that includes a Virtual Museum.
bulletMedieval Sourcebook
bulletMedieval Spanish History
bulletMegalithic Mysteries (British Megaliths)
bulletMerovingian Kings by Tom Dube
bulletMilitary Resources (Roman military history)
bulletOdin's Castle of Dreams & Legends
bulletOld English Pages
bulletOnline Medieval and Classical Library by Douglas B. Killings is a magnificent collection of some of the most important literary works of Classical and Medieval civilization.
bulletORB--Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies is an academic reference written and maintained by medieval scholars.
bulletOur Medieval Heritage, the 11th - 15th Centuries in Northern Europe
bulletPeoples of the Dark Ages includes articles on the Alamanni, Anglo-Saxons, Avars, Huns, and many more.
bulletPerseus Project (Ancient Greece) is a digital library focusing on the ancient Greek world and includes the Perseus Atlas Project a GIS database.
bulletPerspectives in Numismatics contains articles on ancient (Eight Hundred Years of Roman Coinage) and medieval coinage.
bulletPetra provides a photographic tour of this ancient site.
bulletRegia Anglorum - British History 950-1066AD  (offline 3/7/99)
bulletRuin and Conquest of Britain 400AD - 600AD by Dr. Howard M. Wiseman is a reconstruction of history using primary sources.
bulletRoman Emperors - The Imperial Index provides excellent essays on a great number of Roman Emperors.
bulletNetSerf is sponsored by the Department of History at the Catholic University of America
bulletThe Saga of Kosovo describes the history of this region including Kosovo & medieval Serbia.
bulletSeven Wonders of the Ancient World by Alaa K. Ashmawy provides an excellent guide to these magnificent ancient monuments.
bullet Sir Richard F. Burton on the Web is a comprehensive web directory and guide to all things related to the famous adventurer, linguist, and scholar.
bulletTexts for Ancient History Courses offers original source material for the study of Greek, Latin and Ancient History.
bulletThe Medieval Review (formerly the Bryn Mawr Medieval Review) has been publishing reviews of current work in all areas of Medieval Studies since 1993.
bulletTimeline - Ancient Rome provides an attractive chronological index of Ancient Roman history with extensive links to internet resources.
bulletVoS English Literature Anglo-Saxon and Medieval
bulletWargaming and Military History Page
bulletWeb-Grognards - Wargames on the Web
bulletWomen's Life in Greece and Rome is a good collection of excerpts from primary sources.
bulletWorld Cultures provides an Internet Classroom and Anthology.



bulletCartographic Images - Ancient, Medieval & Renaissance Maps
bulletCultural Map of Greece
bulletHistoric Maps of the Netherlands 
bulletHistorical Maps from the Perry-Castaņeda Library Map Collection (German mirror).
bulletfrom the the Perry-Castaņeda Library Map Collection.
bulletiDIR-i Antique and Medieval Atlas shows the political status of Europe, Africa, and Asia at the beginning of each century from the First Century to the Tenth Century.
bulletInternet Medieval Sourcebook Maps and Images
bulletMap of the Kingdoms of Dark Age Britain
bulletMaps of Great Britian
bulletThe Megalith Map is an index of all known stone circles and stone rows in the British Isles.
bulletOddens's Bookmarks - Maps and Atlases is an extensive links list.
bulletOSSHE Historical & Cultural Atlas Resource 



bulletAncestry.com is an excellent general genealogy site.
bulletCyndi's List - Medieval and Cyndi's List - Royalty & Nobility are just a tiny part of a fabulous genealogy site by Cyndi Howells.
bulletDirectory of Royal Genealogical Data
bulletF. Velde's Heraldry Site
bulletFamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints searchs the immense Family History Library database.
bulletGenealogy: Royalty, Nobility, and Heraldry has historic and genealogical information about royal and noble family lines.
bulletGenealogyPortal.com features eight separate search engines to assist you in researching your family history.
bulletHeraldic, nobiliary, genealogical and chivalric subjects by James P. Wolf
bulletHistory, Royal and Nobility Genealogy Data  (offline 3/7/99)
bulletHistory of Europe in Medieval Times, Anglo-Saxons
bulletMayflower Passenger List provides an impressive primary source complete with ancestral summaries, charts, and more.
bulletMedieval and Royal Genealogy by RAND
bulletMedieval Genealogy has selected texts by Anders Berg
bulletRAND Genealogy Club
bulletRootsweb Genealogical Data Cooperative supports mailing list owners, surname list compilers, and file archives and includes a search engine.
bulletRoyal and Noble Genealogical Data on the Web has genealogical data for the Royal Family of Britain, but this includes just about all the Royals for Europe.
bulletWorldGenWeb- Connecting the World Genealogical Community features the WorldGenWeb file archives, links to related websites, and access to the GenConnect World Index.
bulletWW-Person is a database of European nobility.
bulletYahoo! Genealogy has an extensive links list.

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