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bulletAberdeen Bestiary Project -- is a medieval manuscript (circa 1200) containing descriptions of real and mythical animals, accompanied by parables (here's the old version).
bullet Asclepion is devoted to the study of ancient medicine.
bulletAlchemy Website by Adam McLean is a huge site exploring Alchemy in every form imaginable, including art, music, paintings, symbols, research, hermetic texts, link lists, current resources and more.
bulletAesop's Fables -- is an online collection including 655+ Fables, indexed in table format, with morals listed.  Some stories are in RealAudio format.
bulletAnimals, Myths and Legends, tales from Oban the knowledge keeper contains stories & games aimed at young people.   The myths & legends focus on the relationship between animals and the world's indigenous peoples.
bulletAstrology & Mythology by Jeff Horney offers annotated links to mythological and "strange".
bullet Book of Gods, Goddesses, Heroes and Other Characters of Mythology by PJCriss includes descriptions of   characters from Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Teutonic, Celtic, Babylonian, and Asian mythologies.
bullet Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable is an excellent  book by E. Cobham Brewer (1894) converted to HTML.
bullet Bulfinch's Mythology offers the text to the sections of Thomas Bulfinch's works on mythology The Age of Fable (mostly greek myths), Age of Chivalry (Arthur), and the Legends of Charlemagne.
bullet Christine's Monster/Faery List by Christine O'Keefe is part of her Halloween pages and based primarily on Celtic myth and legend.
bullet Classics in the W3: Religion and Mythology by J. G. Bodard offers annotated links to web sites about religion and mythology.
bullet Clio: Women in Mythology, Religion and Herstory is a look at muses, amazons, goddesses, and more.
bulletEarthlore Explorations is an eclectic and graphically impressive site covering  different mythologies, lore, legends, ancient cultures, etc.
bulletEncyclopedia Mythica compiled by M. F. Lindemans covers mythology, folklore, magic, and more.  It contains over 4300 definitions of gods and goddesses, supernatural beings and legendary creatures   from all over the world.
bulletExplore the Sacred Sites by Martin Gray features photographs accompanied by text on the mythology, history, and significance of famous sites around the world.
bullet Faery Bibliography by Niko offers a nice list of references about fairy folk including lore and theory, story collections, dissertations, novels, poetry, drama, ballads, children's literature, movies, television programs, music, and links to other fairy-related web sites.
bulletFaerie Encyclopedia by Rebecca Lehmann offers an alphabetical list of the denizens of the Fey Folk. Attempts to cover the many types of faeries defined in folklore. Includes information on fairy locales, flora and trees, poetry, superstitions, and more.
bullet Faerie Lore & Literature provides an exceptional collection of online reference materials and a search engine (OFFLINE).
bulletFairy Tales: Origins and Evolution by Christine Daaé covers the evolution of some of the popular tales from dark stories to the watered-down children's stories known today.
bulletFantasy and Myth by Mattias Sandström offers information about fantasy (primarily modern fantasy authors) and Norse mythology as well as links to related sites.
bullet Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts edited and/or translated by D. L. Ashliman is a large compilation of stories, often including very different versions of the same stories.
bulletFolklore, Myth, and Legend by David K. Brown offers links to folklore stories and reference sources.
bulletFrom Primitives To Zen offers selections from the thematic sourcebook of the history of religions compiled by Mircea Eliade.
bullet Gallery of Demons is a look at mythological "bad guys" from many cultures.
bullet Gateway to Faerie is Aria Lusina's graphically stunning faerie site. is an FTP site offering dozens of ghost stories in text format.
bulletGhost Stories and Folklore by Samuel K. Spitzner is part of the WWW Virtual Library and offers a variety of stories and personal anecdotes about ghosts.
bullet Gods and Myth by Atanu offers an alphabetical database of gods, myths, legend. Part of an on-going project to list almost all major and minor deities and mythological figures.
bulletGods Goddesses and Myths by Kat offers information on deities, myths, voodoo, dragons, the phoenix, mermaids, unicorns, the origins of the days of the week, Pegasus, and more.
bullet Gods of the IIB by J. R. Valverde offers brief descriptions of the the gods after which a cluster of computers has been named.
bullet History of Mermaids provides a chronological survey of mermaid myths including Folklores & Legends, F, Sightings, and Art.
bulletHoliday Greetings from Nightkitchen offers Solstice-related myths and legends.
bullet Hopewish's Homepage of the little folk of the world by Ng Yi-Sheng provides a less Eurocentric   'Little People Catalogue' A,B,C, D,E,F, G,H,I,J, K,L,M, N,O,P, Q,R,S, T,U,V, W,X,Y,Z.
bulletIndigenous Peoples' Literature by Glenn Welker offers oral and written literature from all over the world. Includes many famous documents, quotes, information about great chiefs and leaders, music, poetry, stories, and much more.
bulletIndo-European Folk and Fairy Tales is a compilation of links by D. L. Ashliman.
bulletInternational Colored Gemstone Association offers some tidbits of folklore about gemstones.
bulletkalanu's Home Page offers links to paranormal, mythological, and "strange" web sites.
bulletKitsune Page by David Price and Laura Steinke explores the kitsune myth and other legends and information about foxes.
bullet Lamhfada is an online magazine of mythology and storytelling.
bulletLanguage of Flowers discusses the meanings behind different floral arrangements, including roses.
bulletLegends explores the history, literature, and lore surrounding Robin Hood, King Arthur, Pirates & Privateers, and other swashbuckling characters of balladry, fiction, and film, from The Queen of Elfland to Zorro.
bullet Magician's Dictionary: Apocalyptic Cyclopaedia of Advanced M/magic(k)al Arts and Alternate Meanings has hundreds of entries of mythic & mystic definitions.
bulletMorgana's Observatory has Prophecies, Apparitions, Controversies, Universal Myths, Herbal Remedies, and more.
bulletMystical World Wide Web Myths Legends and Folklore Index has material on plants, trees, animals, King Arthur, ghosts, and much more.
bulletMyth and Legend is an extensive list of links on all things mythological (especially the sub-page Regional Folklore and Mythology).
bulletMythnet by Sumair Mirza seeks to promote the growth of knowledge toward the great stories of mythology. Includes information about the Olympian gods, titans, lesser gods, notable characters, genealogical charts, links to other web sites, and more.
bulletMythography explores greek, roman, and celtic mythology and art.
bullet Mythology offers Kathryn Huxtable's Pagan Bibliography which includes annotated listings of many works about mythology.
bulletMythology offers links to a diverse selection of sites.
bullet Mythology is a University of Michigan site about the gods and goddesses of different cultures around the world, and the works of art people have created to give them expression.
bullet Mythology from the University of Michigan discusses the relationship between natural objects such as the sun, moon, and planets and gods and goddesses. Also offers a family tree of Greek gods and goddesses and a clickable world map of myths.
bullet Mythology and Folklore by John Adcox offers annotated links to web sites about these topics.
bullet Mythology, Folklore, and a little bit of Religion by Sarah Craig, Russell Connell, and Susan Smith offers a large list of links to sites about mythology, folklore, and religion.
bullet Mythology in Western Art by Ora Zehavi and Sonia Klinger offers digitized images of the main deities from various periods of Western art. Includes a bibliography.
bulletMythology, Legends & Folklore by Creative Minds Unlimited provides an article of the month? and a library of previous articles.
bulletMythology on the Web by Richard L. Koshak presents links to African, Arthurian, Celtic, Greco-Roman, Hindu, and many other mythic sites.
bulletMyths and Legends is Chris Siren's extensive links list.
bulletNew Mythology by Dominic Sagolla discusses how ancient myth informs modern speculative fiction.
bulletOdin's Castle of Dreams and Legends by Paul Gwynn offers an archive of historical resources that includes links to web sites with mythology content.
bulletOnline Medieval and Classical Library by Douglas B. Killings is a magnificent collection of some of the most important literary works of Classical and Medieval civilization.
bullet Planetary Systems from the University of Michigan is a beautiful catalogue of mythological associations for the planets.
bullet Probert Encyclopaedia of Mythology by Matthew Probert offers definitions and descriptions for a variety of mythological terms and characters.
bulletQabalah: The Key to Applied Mythology by Gerald del Camp offers his personal interpretations of mythology based upon the Hebrew Qabalah. Includes information on Egyptian, Greek, and Thelemic gods and the Sephiroth.
bullet Corvus Corax describes the Raven in myth and reality.
bulletReality Software offers electronic texts on the origins of mythology, the white goddess in Celtic lands, the great goddess in India and Tibet, and more.
bulletTales of Wonder  by Richard Darsie is an archive of folk & fairy tales from around the world.
bullet Tara's home page offers links to fairy sites. Includes a collection of fairy pictures.
bulletTech Classics Archive offers a searchable collection of almost 400 Greek and Roman texts in English translation, along with user-provided commentary.
bulletTraditions of Magic by curator Gideon Bohak of the special collections library at the Univesity of Michigan offers a look at magical traditions in the Mediterranean basin and the Near East from the 1st to the 7th centuries A.D.
bulletValkyrie's Mythical World offers links to sites with mythological or fantasy content.
bulletValley of the Ancients includes articles on ancient civilizations, magic, myth.
bulletWelcome to the Bard presents myths from Celtic and Nordic traditions, offers an overview of several definition of myth, and discusses the role of The Hero in modern society.
bullet World Mythology by Kristen Abbey at Rutgers University provides myth-related links as well as assignments related to World Mythology courses at Rutgers.
bulletWorld Mythology at the Minneapolis Institute of Art offers a collection of 24 art images inspired by mythology around the world.
bulletWPA Life Histories offers a searchable collection of the life history manuscripts from the folklore project of the WPA federal writers' project 1936-1940.



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